Should Assignments be banned?

There is a lot of debate around Student Homework and Assignments, primarily revolving around the question if they have to be banned. One of the reasons put forth is that, by working on these assignments, students get less time to revise and prepare for their exams.

This debate begs an important question – is this morally correct and why aren’t the parent’s community coming forward to oppose this call for a ban on homework? Don’t the parents realize the importance of homework, having gone through the same phase while they were students? Are they not realizing how homework has shaped the learning process? Are they not reaping the benefits of all the hard work that they would have put in to complete their assignments and earned good grades, which eventually helped get enrolled in a good college? Some groups in favor of the ban would rather let their kids watch a movie or prefer any leisure activities? Is this right when the kids have to go the extra mile to learn more than preferring to go on vacation?

Anyone who has gone through the student phase and sees the importance of assignments will vouch for the fact that the drawbacks are minuscule when compared to the benefits that assignments offer. Homework is a great bridge between students, parents, and teachers.

Let us look at some compelling reasons that should be considered in favor of assignments.

 Assignments Boost Student-Teacher Interactions

Assignments pave way for students to reach out to their teachers outside of the class timings and get guidance from them.  This also enables teachers/professors and mentors to provide constructive feedback to students that will motivate them to focus more on studies and perform better.

Assignments Help Students Improve Their Presentation Skills

As a student, we all have loved to impress our teachers. What other better way than Assignments to provide this opportunity to students? This also creates a healthy competition among students and in the process enhance or improvise their presentation skills.

Assignments Play a Vital Role in Emphasizing the Value of Self-Responsibility To Students

Procrastination is common among students. As a result, many delay their assignment submission and in turn get bad grades. What students fail to understand is that completing homework or assignment is their responsibility. When they understand this, they become aware of their self-responsibilities, including taking ownership and being punctual, etc, while in school as well in life.

Assignments Provide Parents the Opportunity to Participate in their Childs Progression

Assignments or homework is usually done outside the class and 95% at home. This opens up a fantastic opportunity for parents to, not only assist them in the homework but also track their progress. have long been associated with homework. This creates an opportunity for parents to establish a communication channel with the teachers and get insights into the academic progression of their children.

Assignments Teach Life Skills to Students

Assignments or homework can also be done together as a group in any one of the friend’s house. This opens up an opportunity for students to understand what a team is and enhances their team-building skills. This skill is very vital in today’s working world it is important to build and work as teams to boost productivity at the workplace. Students get to learn this life skill at a very early stage and hence be prepared when they start working.

Assignments are Reinforced Learning and help Prepare for Exams

Homework or Assignments are given to students as a reinforced learning process so that they can reflect on what is taught at school. This helps them revisit the notes that they take in class as well as research materials to understand and complete the assignment. This exam help online puts them at an advantage to face exams easily rather than working hard just before the exams.