How to overcome anxiety while doing homework in high school?

High school can be rather tough emotionally and mentally. In a time as such “homework” is definitely not the most favorite word of students. For those suffering from any kind of anxiety disorder, it tends to be an even more fearful term. Doctors believe that chemistry homework assignments have a certain pressure that ensures enhanced stress levels. It really depends on you how to use this pressure. There are those who make use of this stress as a motivation and a push to learn more while others are burdened with the increasing stress. Here are a few ways in which you can overcome the unnecessary stress and anxiety:

Underlying Reason

Make sure there is no other underlying reason involved for you anxious behavior. This requires you to be completely honest with yourself. If there are any physical problems such as ADHD, then there is absolutely no shame in getting yourself checked and working on your diet and general routine to fix it. Consult the school counselor for any emotional trauma such as bullying. Better yet, believe in your parents as the perfect source of stress relief. They will help you overcome any obstacle in your way.

Time and Space

In order to ensure anxiety free homework, you need to cover the following aspects:
  • You need to set aside specific timing for the completion of your school related work be it project or any other assignment
  • Ensure consistency in your routine and be rigid in terms of following the routine
  • You should reserve a specific peaceful place for the completion of your work. Make sure it helps calm your nerves and relax in the best possible manner while minimizing the distractions.
  • Make this time count. You can award yourself with a snack or a constructive idea. Think and plan your future grades. Motivate yourself through punctuality and effective work.

Yoga can be helpful for many. However, it requires a lot of motivation and a possible partner, but you have the option of choosing your school gym as a stress reliever. It will help you energize and offer you the right kind of push towards your goals. You can make use of snacks such as gum to help you calm down your nerves without any extra effort. Eating your problems away is definitely not the best of ideas, but gum has been proven to help your mind in performing better and retaining more.